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JollyWallet a browser application that benefits both shoppers and online stores. JollyWallet works by earning commissions from purchases made at participating retailers by its users. The browser add-on then passes a portion of these profits on to its users in the form of cash rebates. The web browser add-on is user friendly and free, increasing its appeal among mainstream web users. The company promises no hidden fees. The service is available worldwide.

Getting Cash Back

The process initializes when the user installs the app and then restarts the browser. JollyWallet works with all of the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome and FireFox. In order to benefit from the app, the user must register an account on the JollyWallet website, a simple process. When visiting the websites of participating vendors, the green JollyWallet bar appears at the top of the browser. By clicking on the “Get Cash Back” or “Coupon” buttons, rebates will automatically be tallied as soon as a purchase has been completed. It is necessary to click on the JollyWallet bar before the purchase of each item. Cash back amounts are calculated either according to a prearranged set amount or on a percentage basis. The percentages can be as high as 65% depending on the store. The user’s JollyWallet account reflects the cash earned through transactions. With a minimum of $10 in their account, users can transfer the money to an existing PayPal account for processing and payout.

Easy to Use 

Radyoos, the company behind the add-on, has ensured that the process goes smoothly for JollyWallet’s shoppers. Users of the app are advised to enable cookies to help them get the most out of it. The JollyWallet website contains a help section for users that experience problems or have questions. Additionally, the company vows the highest level of confidentiality to its users as well as to its vendors. Registered users of the application must be 18 years or older. The company has a strict privacy policy and does not sell its user information or provide personal details to third parties.
JollyWallet is easy to uninstall. However, once a JollyWallet account is terminated, any cash left for payout is lost.

JollyWallet Partners

JollyWallet has over 2,500 high-quality vendors including The Gap and Victoria’s Secret. Companies that provide services such as Expedia and 1-800-Flowers are also members. Among the largest stores are Walmart, Sears and BestBuy. The types of coupons offered vary from store to store and include savings such as: free shipping, a set discount on a minimum purchase and a percentage off of select items. Jollywallet also provide cash back in addition to any store discount or coupons offered. The coupons available change frequently and are displayed on JollyWallet’s website. 

About Radyoos 

The app is the first product to be launched by Radyoos Media since its founding in 2011. Radyoos' CEO is Tsafrir Peles, a veteran in the marketing and media worlds. Prior to heading Radyoos, Peles was CEO of DSNR Media Group. Radyoos seeks to bring forth a new generation of real-time features and greater personalization to web applications. 


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